• 2 Reasons Every Mom Should Own A Sleep Mask

    Ah, the joys of parenting. After a long day filled with running teenagers around town and calming emotional toddlers, you might look forward to finally getting the rest that you deserve. Unfortunately, sleep can be exceptionally difficult if you have kids—which is why sleep masks are such an important piece of the puzzle. Here are two reasons every mom should own a sleep mask: 1: Enjoy A More Restful Night's Sleep
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  • 3 Reasons College Students Need Flip Flops

    Are you putting together a care package for the college student in your life? If so, you may want to slip in a pair of flip flops. Does that sound like a strange gift to slip into a box of baked treats, school supplies, photos, and gift cards? Perhaps, but your student will get more use out of them than you may suspect. Take a look at the many ways that your college student will be able to use a pair of flip flops, and you'll see why a pair or two of the inexpensive footwear might just make their day.
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