3 Reasons College Students Need Flip Flops

Posted on: 15 December 2015

Are you putting together a care package for the college student in your life? If so, you may want to slip in a pair of flip flops. Does that sound like a strange gift to slip into a box of baked treats, school supplies, photos, and gift cards? Perhaps, but your student will get more use out of them than you may suspect. Take a look at the many ways that your college student will be able to use a pair of flip flops, and you'll see why a pair or two of the inexpensive footwear might just make their day.

Instant Footwear

Having a pair or two of flip flops by the door can be handy when your student needs to run out in a hurry. When your college student wakes up late and has to be in class in 15 minutes, hunting for and tying up a pair of sneakers may simply not be in the cards. A pair of flip flops will at least keep them from showing up in class in a pair of slippers or allow them to get to the cafeteria before they stop serving breakfast.

Inexpensive and Easy Style

Not many college students have the luxury of being able to afford a pair of shoes for every occasion, and not many college students' family members can afford to support a shoe shopping habit. But flip flops are a cheap and easy way to amass a collection of shoes for any occasion (or at least any flip flop appropriate occasion).

Flip flops come in a nearly unlimited number of styles and colors, so it's easy to provide your college student with all of the variety they need. Send them green flip flops for St. Patrick's Day or flip flops decorated with pumpkins for Halloween. They can even show off their school spirit with a pair of flip flops branded with the college's colors and logo. As an added bonus, if you have a college student who enjoys the occasional pedicure, a new pair of flip flops will give them an excuse to show off their toes.

Prevent Foot Fungus and Infections

Here's the biggest reason that your college student needs flip flops – the simple shoes can help keep them healthier while they're away at school. For one thing, wearing flip flops allows the feet a chance to breathe in a way that they don't get to when they're encased in shoes and socks. This prevents moisture from building up on their feet and inhibits the growth of fungus.

What's more, your college student can wear them in the shower – and that may be more important than you think. Communal showers, like the ones found in college dorms, are prone to allowing biofilms to develop. Biofilms are groups of microorganisms that band together and wind up creating slimy patches on the floor that are impossible to get rid of without the aid of a scrub brush. Aside from being a slip and fall hazard, these patches are also health hazards.

When your student steps on a biofilm patch in their bare feet, the microorganisms will cling to the skin and try to find a way in. They could get in through a blister or crack on the student's foot, or they could be transferred from the foot to another area of the body as your student gets dressed. For example, if they rub their eyes after putting on their socks, they could end up with an eye infection. Wearing flip flops helps protect your college student from picking up these microorganisms in the first place.

Now that you know how useful flip flops can be for your college student, make sure that they have a few pairs of their own. This little gift will help keep them happy and healthy while they're away at school. 


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