4 Events That Need A Custom Canopy

Posted on: 27 July 2021

Pop-up canopies can be useful in a variety of situations. They are easy to set up and they offer shelter from the sun or rain. They can also be an effective form of advertising. A canopy can be customized for whatever event you are throwing. Here is a look at 4 events that could use a custom canopy

1. A Family Reunion

A big family reunion is a great time to invest in a custom canopy. Whether you are holding your get-together on the beach, in a park, or at another outdoor venue, a canopy can offer shade and give your family members an easily recognizable place to congregate when they first arrive. You can have a sign-in book or a display of old family photos set up and can guide people through the day's events. You can even have your canopy customized with the name of your family, so it's easy to spot from a distance. 

2. Trade Show

A custom canopy is a useful setup for a trade show. Whether it's indoors or outside, a canopy can persuade people to look at your company's products and can make sure you aren't lost in the crowd. Whatever products you are showing off, a canopy gives you a good home base for a display. With a custom canopy, you can have your logo and name presented and choose the color of your canopy, which will really help you stand out. 

3. Career Fair 

Career fairs are often held outside on a college campus. If the career fair is outside, having a canopy is an especially good idea for your company since hours spent under the relentless sun can wear anyone down, and tired representatives don't make the best impression on potential future employees. A canopy can give you shade and keep your representatives looking and feeling fresh all day. Even if the event is held inside, a canopy can still help you make sure your brand is seen. A custom printed canopy will display your name and logo for students to see and create a more engaging display overall. 

4. Charity Drive 

Charity drives are usually set up at parks, college campuses, and libraries where people are likely to walk by. A canopy can not only offer protection from the weather but can also draw people's attention so they will want to check out what is going on. You can customize a canopy to your charity. For example, a red canopy would be a good choice for a blood drive; it helps people figure out what's going on before they even talk to anyone. 


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