Three Types Of Leather Messenger Bags To Buy

Posted on: 6 April 2021

A leather messenger bag is a handy accessory to carry in a number of different circumstances. Whether you're commuting to work on foot or via public transportation, traveling by air, or attending a conference or trade show, you'll appreciate the storage space and the stylish design of this type of bag. You can shop for a men's leather messenger bag at a retailer that carries men's clothing and accessories or at a luggage store. As you shop, you'll notice a few types of bags, each of which offers a handful of desirable traits.


For those who appreciate simple accessories, a minimalist leather messenger bag is a product to consider. This term describes a bag that has a straightforward design. Typically, it will have a single flap that you can lift to provide access to the bag's interior but no additional storage spaces. A minimalist bag looks sleek and can also be a good choice if you're the type of person who doesn't carry an excessive amount of things with you. For example, if you primarily expect to use this bag to carry a laptop computer, a tablet, and perhaps a few paper documents, you'll have no trouble storing these items in a minimalist-style bag.

Exterior Pockets

At the other end of the messenger bag spectrum is a bag that has a number of exterior pockets. While this type of bag can vary in length and height, it's typically bulkier than its minimalist counterparts. Many of these bags have one large or two medium-sized exterior pockets mounted on the side of the bag beneath the flap. These bags not only provide additional space for carrying more items but can also be handy because these pockets allow for quick, easy access to the things that you need regularly. For example, you might place your passport in one of these pockets instead of in the main compartment of the bag.


Most of the leather messenger bags that you come across will likely be horizontal in shape, but you're apt to find some that are vertical. These bags will still allow you to carry a laptop computer and paper documents, albeit in a different orientation than in a horizontal bag. One reason that you might favor a vertical messenger bag is that its vertical shape can help to make it seem more compact, which you may find handy when you're seated on a bus or subway.

Check out local clothing and accessory stores to learn more about options for leather messenger bags for men.


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