Accessories That Can Complement Your Gothic Attire

Posted on: 18 November 2020

To truly dress with a gothic fashion sense, you'll need not only a number of pieces of apparel, but also a handful of accessories. Find a fashion store that sells gothic fashion, and then begin to evaluate what you need. The accessories that you choose should reflect your personality and be supportive of the look that you're trying to accomplish, while also complementing whatever gothic attire you enjoy wearing. Here are some accessories that you may wish to buy.


Many people who dress in the gothic fashion wear collar-style jewelry. There are lots of different looks that may appeal to you. For example, a leather collar with stainless steel hardware may be appropriate, or you might favor something lighter such as a collar made of lace and ribbons. Some gothic collars can be highly elaborate, with strands of beads and jewels that hang down below the collar. 


There are all sorts of pins that are a part of gothic fashion, so choosing a handful of designs will help you to express yourself. If you're into horror movies, look for pins that have appropriate imagery — a vampire, a coffin, a mummy, and other similar images can all be spooky and fun. There are many different ways that you can wear gothic pins as a part of your ensemble. For example, if you have a leather-looking trench coat, you might choose to cover the lapels in a selection of pins. Check out Straight Outta The Coffin for some good starting pins.


You may also like the idea of wearing a few rings on your fingers to further support your gothic look. The rings at a local jewelry store probably won't be what you're looking for, so you'll want to shop at your gothic fashion retailer for these items, too. Gothic rings can vary in design, but many are black or silver. Some rings are bulky, covering much of the finger, while others are elaborate and may even connect to a corresponding bracelet with a length of chain.


Another accessory to think about is a pair of gothic gloves. Some gloves can be large, running from your hands to partway up your forearms, and made of leather with several metal buckles along their length. Lace gloves are popular, too, and you'll often find them in designs that keep your fingers exposed but cover the rest of your hands. Visit a gothic fashion store to browse these and other accessories to find the products that will support your look.


The Power of Color

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