How To Add Some Country To Your Look

Posted on: 17 December 2019

Do you love life out in the country? Perhaps you work with horses or cattle and you want to look more the part, even when you're out and about. In order to do this, you need the right clothes. Here are some ways to change up your style.

1. Shop cowgirl-style brands.

If you're still shopping at the mall, chances are that you're not going to find much clothing that fits with your new cowgirl-inspired style. You'll have an easier time finding this type of apparel at country retailers, outdoor stores, and online. Look for brands that specialize in country and cowgirl-style gear, and once you find a couple of good ones, stick with them. 

2. Get a good pair of boots.

You could have the perfect cowgirl outfit put together, but if you complete it with a pair of sneakers or ballet flats, it will look all wrong. Look for a pair of cowgirl boots, which are more formally known as ropers. There are so many different styles these days, many of which feature colored leather and sparkling embellishments. You're best off looking for a neutral pair so you can wear them with multiple outfits. Later on, as your wardrobe grows, you can add some colorful boots for more specialized looks.

3. Invest in some button-downs.

Nothing makes an outfit look "country" faster than a button-down. You really only need a couple. Look for one or two in a neutral tone, like gray and black plaid, and a couple of others in flashy colors. The great thing about button-downs is that they make your look versatile. You can wear them to dinner, to a party, or even out working in the yard and look completely in-place. Try looking for some that are thin and others that are thicker so you can wear them in all seasons, too.

4. Go with the boot cut jeans.

Skinny jeans are all the rage these days, but they're not cowgirl style. One of the best ways to cowgirl up your apparel is to change out your jeans for boot-cut jeans. They go over your boots more easily, and they have that classic, western appearance. 

If you wish your look was more cowgirl-like, all you need to do is take action! Follow the tips above, and find a brand or two of apparel you love. Your collection will slowly grow, and your look will transform over time as a result.

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The Power of Color

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