How To Revive Old Leather Boots

Posted on: 16 September 2018

Do you have an old pair of leather boots kicking around? Maybe you bought some older boots at a garage sale and are hoping to revive them? Perhaps you forgot about a pair in the back of your closet, and now they are looking a bit worse for wear. Reviving old, dry, cracked leather boots is easier than you might think. All it takes is some patience. Follow these instructions to revive your leather.

1. Wash the boots with glycerin soap.

In order for the leather to absorb any moisture, it needs to be clean. Glycerin soap is the best soap for washing leather since it helps remove caked-on dirt and grime without drying the leather out any more. If you use a liquid glycerin soap, just spray it on a cloth, and then wipe the leather with the cloth. If you use a bar of glycerin soap, then you need to moisten a cloth, wipe it across the soap a few times, and then wipe your leather boots with the soapy cloth. You do not need the soap to form a lather to work. Rinse your rag and repeat this process a few times until the rag comes back clean.

2. Let the boots dry.

After you have washed the boots, leave them alone for a day to dry. This way any water will evaporate and the leather will be better able to take up the conditioner you use in the next step.

3. Apply conditioner.

There are many kinds of leather conditioner out there. The best option for really worn, old boots is mink oil. It penetrates deep and it lasts for a long time. It has a waxy texture and often comes in little tins.

Use a dry sponge to pick up some mink oil and massage it into the leather. Keep rubbing in circles until the conditioner is fully absorbed. On flexible parts of the boots, bend the leather between your hands; this will help it absorb the conditioner. 

Let the leather boots sit for about a half hour. They should appear dry on the surface by this point. Rub another layer of conditioner into the boots, focusing on areas where there are noticeable cracks.

With any luck, you should now have supple boots that look like new! If there is any missing or damaged stitching, or you need repairs beyond conditioning, contact a leather repair service in your area and have them make the necessary repairs.


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