Seven Sweetest Gifts To Give An Expectant Parent

Posted on: 23 February 2018

When heading to welcome a new addition or attend a baby shower, skip the traditional gifts and give something sweet-enough to touch the expectant parents. These seven suggestions are also distinctive ideas that will stand-out among the gifts of diapers, bottles, and apparel.  

  1. Baby jeans. Want to bring a smile to the faces at the shower? Give the expectant parents some baby jeans for their new little bundle; baby jeans are found widely and worn over diapers, like cloth diaper jeans. These are so cute, but also very practical.
  2. Something cuddly. A sweet plush toy is always a great gift idea, but make sure that it is suited to new babies and that it doesn't present any hazards or safety risks before buying. You can wrap the toy in cello and tie with ribbon for the shower. For a dramatic presentation, pick-up helium-filled balloons at a florist or dollar-store and tie these to the ribbon or tag.
  3. A piggy-bank. A piggy bank makes an adorably sweet gift that will likely be something that the child has for years to come. Put a couple coins in the bank to get the child started. As far as money goes, the jury is still out on whether giving cash at a baby shower is appropriate.
  4. Darling socks. For an inexpensive and useful idea, give the new bundle of joy a few pairs of cute socks. There are some amazing options online, and many are whimsical and unique. Give matching bibs, if feasible, for a cute baby gift set.
  5. Something for mom. Make a sweet gesture by giving something for mom; after all, doesn't she deserve it? Tuck some spa goodies or gift cards in a cute basket to give to her at the shower, or when you have a few moments alone.
  6. Sentimental photos. Another great gift idea is a frame to showcase a favorite picture of the expectant parents. With social media, it is possible to find lots of candid shots to use with a home printer and to fill your frame. Upload and print many photos to create a keepsake album of the baby's parents for the child later-on.
  7. Monogrammed mementos. Anything monogrammed or customized, like a blanket, pillow-case, or bib makes an especially-sweet and special gift at a shower. Make sure to allow for the time it might take to personalize your gift, as it can take some time depending on where you go. While super-sweet, this probably isn't a great last-minute idea.

Consider these seven suggestions for sweet gift ideas for baby, but that expectant parents will appreciate and enjoy. Visit baby retail venues or online vendors to find these gift ideas that are both sweet and smart sentiments for the special occasion. 


The Power of Color

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