Three Pieces Of Clothing That Make Camping Much Easier

Posted on: 7 September 2017

Camping can be a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. But it also has its challenges, from having to pee in the woods to staying warm at night. Thankfully, there are numerous clothing items on the market that are specially designed to make the challenges of camping a lot easier to manage. Here's a look at three of them.

Side-Entry Underwear

How do you change your underwear in a tent with three friends? If your camping area is nice enough to have a bath house, you may still find yourself struggling to get dressed without giving others an unwanted show. This is where side-entry underwear really comes in handy. This underwear usually features a waistband with two hooks on the hips. To take the underwear off, you unhook the closures and then pull them off. To put a new pair on, you just wrap them around yourself, pull the crotch section between your legs, and then do up the fasteners. You can do this all discretely without removing your pants, making this underwear ideal for use in shared camping spaces.

Wearable Sleeping Bags 

Having to crawl out of your warm sleeping bag to use the bathroom in the middle of the night can leave you shivering for hours afterwards. A wearable sleeping bag solves this problem. This unique piece of camping gear is a nice, warm sleeping bag with a bottom that un-zips separately and two slots where you can stick your arms. If you need to get up in the middle of the night, you just un-zip the bottom and step through, and then put your arms through. Walk around in your sleeping bag, and then zip it back up around yourself when you go back to bed.

Vented Rain-Proof Pants

A classic issue with rain proof pants is that they don't breathe. So, they work well when it is raining, but you have to pack a different pair of pants for a warmer day. You can get around this when you buy specially ventilated rain proof pants. These pants have a few zippers placed along the legs. When you undo the zippers, they expose some mesh that ventilates easily. You can undo the zippers on hot days and then zip them back up to stay warm when it's cold and rainy.

With these three pieces of camping clothing in your arsenal, you'll be better prepared for everything life out there throws at you.


The Power of Color

As a kid, I didn’t think much about the clothes I wore. I was only concerned with how comfortable they were. I often erroneously associated stylish clothing with pain. I didn’t think I could be comfortable in anything the latest runway models were wearing. Besides dressing in clothing that was too large for my body, I typically always chose black items to wear. I mistakenly believed wearing something black would make me look thinner regardless of the style or cut of a piece of clothing. Thankfully, in my adult years, I’ve learned to embrace color. Wearing my favorite colors always brightens my mood and gives me confidence. On this blog, I hope you will learn ways to add vivid, cheerful color to your wardrobe.