Here Are Some Great Ways To Commemorate Your Senior Class

Posted on: 25 August 2017

Senior year has come, and you are probably looking for some ways to make this year special for everyone involved. Here are some ideas on how to commemorate the past four years:

Choose a Senior Class Shirt

Senior class shirts are a great idea because they will let everyone in the class take home a practical keepsake that reminds them of their time in school. A senior class shirt could have a design that represents an inside joke the seniors share. It could also be a design that represents a significant shared experience the class had, or perhaps a defining characteristic of something that class accomplished for their school. At any rate, class shirts are something that a lot of students can get behind. You might find people signing each other's shirts, just as they would a yearbook. 

Work Hard on Your Yearbook

Speaking of yearbooks, it may be cliche, but yearbooks have a defined place in the history of class memorabilia. That's for good reason. Go beyond the traditional senior photos by including stories from seniors, class awards, write-ups on significant things that happened during the past four years, and messages from the class president and the principal. 

Choose a Class Ring

A class ring is a fairly old tradition, and many people won't wear a ring as often as they might wear their senior class shirts. Still, it's a good idea to at least offer the option of buying a class ring, since it is a sentimental thing for many families. 

Class Outings

Class outings are a special thing because they represent some of the freedom and sense of adventure that will come in the upcoming years. Seniors have passed through many rites of passage together, and class outings serve as a way for people to share memories and look forward to what's to come. 

Start Planning Your First Reunion

Many seniors will go off to a different city to start work or continue their education. While that is a bittersweet thing to realize, it also means that, in five years, everyone will have so much to catch up on. Getting class input now about what to do at the five-year class reunion is a nice idea because it gets people looking forward to that event. It also means that the shared history of these students isn't over; they will have a place in each other's lives at least once every five years. 

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