Traveling To A Cold Weather Marathon? Pack These Items To Fare Better In The Low Temps

Posted on: 11 August 2017

If you live in a warmer area but are training for a marathon that's being held in a colder climate, then you have some preparation to do! With all of your training runs taking place in warmer temperatures, you'll want to make sure you're extra fit to make up for the shock that the sudden cold weather will have on your body. The other important aspect of your preparation will be making sure you have the right clothing and equipment for the race. After all, the shorts and light top you've been running in won't keep you warm when it's freezing outside!

To ensure your cold weather race goes smoothly, here is a list of items to purchase and pack.

A Long-Sleeve Performance Shirt

You want to stay away from cotton in the cold weather. If you get sweaty, it holds onto the moisture, and then when you're hit with cold wind, you'll catch a chill. Long-sleeve t-shirts made from breathable performance material, such as those sold at places like Over Under Clothing, are a better choice. Choose one with plenty of extra length so that you can tuck it into your running tights. This way, the cold wind won't catch underneath it and chill your back. If you get too warm, untucking the shirt is a way to cool off a little bit.

Many long-sleeve performance shirts have thumb holes. These are really helpful because they keep the sleeves from riding up as you move. Plus, they'll make it easy to put your gloves on without your sleeves bunching up around them.


Speaking of gloves, this is another essential item on the list. Look for a pair with touchscreen-friendly finger tips so that you can control your phone or iPod without having to take your gloves on and off. Gloves that have a mitten-like pouch that folds down might be a good choice if you know your fingers tend to get cold and you want a little extra protection.


Male and female runners alike don these tightly fitting pants once the temperatures drop. Their form-fitting cut is perfect for races since it makes you feel sleek and speedy in the wind. There are no loose pant legs to worry about stepping on or getting wet with snow. Look for a pair of tights that has at least one pocket in it. You can use this for your car key or ID so that you don't have to worry about it tumbling out of your fuel belt when you reach for a gel or a snack.

Wool Socks

Wool was a performance material before performance materials became popular, and it is the perfect choice of materials for socks you'll be wearing in a cold weather marathon. Wool breathes well, so if your feet get warm and sweaty, they'll stay dry. It's also a good natural insulator without having to be too thick. Look for medium-weight wool socks. These tend to offer just enough padding and insulation without altering the fit of your shoes like heavy-weight wool socks might.

A Hat or Headband

Every runner has his or her own preferences when it comes to headwear. If your head gets pretty cold, you probably want an actual hat. A skullcap-style hat that reaches just over your ears is perfect; many come in breathable tech materials. If you tend to stay pretty warm out there and just want some protection for your ears, an insulating winter headband may be sufficient. 

With these items in your gear bag, you should stay plenty warm on the day of your race. If at all possible, arrive at your destination a few days before the race so you can test everything out on a few trial runs.


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