Overwhelmed By Clothing? Items That Can Help

Posted on: 23 July 2017

Having a lot of clothing is just the nature of life. You collect a lot of pieces for various roles you play. You have your office and interview clothes, your casual clothes, your super-casual clothes, your vacation clothes, and your party clothes. If you are still young and single, you also have your going-out and clubbing clothes. If you are drowning in clothes and cannot find anything, here are some items that can help:

Use Different Closets in Your Home for Different Clothing Styles

This is generally your cheapest option, and may only take you a day to organize your clothing by closet and style. If you are fortunate to have several spare closets in your home, you can assign one closet to each type of clothing. If your closets are really deep, you can have a custom closets contractor help you restructure the space for a price.

Retail Apparel Racks

Retail apparel racks are the perfect solution to your problem. Round racks that spin allow you to see everything you own and what you have to wear. Better still, you can use size markers to show what you have in various sizes. (For women, this is an ideal solution because their weight fluctuations during their menstrual cycles means that they have to have several different sizes of all types of clothing in their closets.) If you opt for straight racks, you can still organize your clothes and present them in a way that lets you see what you have at a glance.

Building a Walk-in Closet

If you have enough money tucked away in savings, perhaps you would like to splurge on creating a walk-in closet. Then you can have racks for each type of clothing that you own. Everything can be organized by style, color, size, and type. Walk in, select what you need that fits at any time during the month and the event or occasion, and dress within your closet. It costs significantly more than purchasing retail clothing racks, but also adds value to your home.

A Professional Organizer

A professional organizer can help you determine what clothes you wear most often, and what clothes you can place in an environmentally-controlled storage unit. The benefit to managing your clothing this way is that you can keep only the clothing that is in season and fits well in your house, while the rest awaits the changing of the seasons or your body shape in a storage locker. If it is winter, your summer stuff goes into storage, and vice versa.


The Power of Color

As a kid, I didn’t think much about the clothes I wore. I was only concerned with how comfortable they were. I often erroneously associated stylish clothing with pain. I didn’t think I could be comfortable in anything the latest runway models were wearing. Besides dressing in clothing that was too large for my body, I typically always chose black items to wear. I mistakenly believed wearing something black would make me look thinner regardless of the style or cut of a piece of clothing. Thankfully, in my adult years, I’ve learned to embrace color. Wearing my favorite colors always brightens my mood and gives me confidence. On this blog, I hope you will learn ways to add vivid, cheerful color to your wardrobe.