11 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Beverly Hills T-Shirt

Posted on: 21 March 2017

T-shirts don't have to be an afterthought or simply something comfy for lounging and sleeping. There are plenty of fashion forward ways to wear a great t-shirt, show off your personal style and proclaim your loyalty to Beverly Hills. Here are 11 great ways to wear your Beverly Hills t-shirt and look amazing doing it. 

Dressy Denim

Dress up the traditional jeans and t-shirt look by adding a fitted blazer and a cute pair of metallic high heels. You could even get away with this look in some offices. 

Crop it for Summer

Do you want to flaunt some skin in warm weather months? You can cut several inches off the bottom of your t-shirt, and turn it into a style that's cropped. Wear it with a pair of shorts for a laid-back look that allows you to sit back and enjoy the sunshine. 

You can also wear your cropped tee over a bikini top or over your swimsuit at the beach. 

Get Pretty in Plaid

Pull on a plaid shirt over your t-shirt for a fun look. Give a nod to the grunge style with a large, flannel shirt, or go with something cute and tight. You can avoid looking like your mother by wearing some skinny pants and cute, strappy sandals to complete the look. 

Pull on a Belt

Add style to an over-sized t-shirt by pulling the look together with a belt. Choose a wide belt slung low over your hips, or go with a skinny belt that shows off your waist. 

Wear Shorts and Sky High Boots

Short shorts with boots that come up over the knee is a trendy combination. Add your t-shirt, and you've got a fun look for a day out with friends. If it's cold outside, add a blazer and some tights. 

Dress Down a Suit

When you want to look all put together in a business suit but still retain a sense of fun, you can use a t-shirt with the suit in place of a blouse. It's a very polished, but approachable, look that will make you stand out. 

Add a Bold Cardigan

Wear your t-shirt out on a chilly day with a brightly colored, geometric print cardigan. An oversized, open sweater looks terrific with a fitted t-shirt and gives your outfit a flowing, casual vibe. Pair this look with jeans or everyday pants. 

Flaunt a Full Skirt

Grab a full skirt, knee length or shorter, that opens when you twirl. Add your t-shirt, and you have an outfit that is adorable for every day wear. A denim jacket can be cute with this look. 

Pile on Some Accessories

Oversized, chunky jewelry is an unexpected addition to a traditional t-shirt, and that's what makes it look so good. Find some big, clunky earrings and a necklace with an eye-catching pendant. Or layer three of four strings of bold beads. 

Love it With Leather

Leather looks amazing with a t-shirt. A leather piece simultaneously dresses up a tee and adds a bit of an edge to your whole outfit. Try leather pants or a cute, leather miniskirt. 

Top it Off With a Hat

Floppy, wide-brimmed garden hats make a pretty picture in spring or summer weather. Put one on over messy hair and pair with your t-shirt, some shorts or jeans and sandals. 

A t-shirt is more than just a comfortable piece to wear when you relax. Statement tees are great ways to express yourself and can be absolutely fashion forward. In fact, fashion experts at Vogue report that slogan t-shirts are enjoying a time of great popularity. Wear your Beverly Hills t-shirt with pride using these 11 trendy tips as inspiration. 


The Power of Color

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