3 Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Trends To Keep In Mind When You Purchase This Year's Club Dresses

Posted on: 3 March 2017

Spring will soon be arriving, and if you love clubbing, then you are likely already looking into what club wear will be hot this season. Thankfully, the year's trends have already been predicted based on what warm-weather attire celebrities have already begun wearing and what designers displayed on the runways during spring 2017 fashion week. Before you buy your first few club dresses of the season, read on to learn about three fashion trends that you are sure to find in this year's club dresses. 

1. Bright Colors, Floral Patterns, and Stripes

No matter what dress style you choose, you need to make sure it is a color or pattern that is trendy this year. The three main color/pattern trends predicted for the season include super-bright colors, floral patterns, and stripes. 

The bright color trends are not neons, but rather brighter versions of primary colors, such as blue, red, and yellow, along with hot pink and forest green. Floral patterns should be very bold and can be mixed with other patterns, such as paisley. Both vertical and horizontal stripes will be in style; choose vertical stripes if you would like your club dress to make you look taller and thinner or choose horizontal stripes if you would like your dress to help you appear curvier. 

2. One-Shoulder Cut-Outs

Dresses with shoulder cut-outs made a big return to mainstream fashion during the past year after they were last popular in the 90s. While dresses with two shoulder cut-outs will still be in fashion this spring and summer, another trend is emerging based on this fashion comeback and that is dresses with only one shoulder cut-out. 

Some cut-outs reveal the entire shoulder while others show off more arm than shoulder. Choose the style that highlights your best feature. 

2. T-Shirts Under Spaghetti Straps

If you prefer to keep your shoulders covered, yet love the look of all those cute spaghetti strap club dresses, then you will love the emerging dress trend that was last popular in the mid-to -late 90s. Three Kardashians along with pop star Rhianna have been spotted wearing t-shirts under spaghetti strap dresses, so the trend is expected to return in full-force. 

This trend gives you a great opportunity to purchase those spaghetti strap club dresses you fall in love with now, yet wouldn't think you would be able to wear until the summer temperatures rise -- wear them to the club with long-sleeve t-shirts underneath them now, with short-sleeve t-shirts under them in the spring, and then without a t-shirt underneath them when the summer temperatures begin to soar. 

If you are already looking forward to a great spring and summer clubbing season and deciding what new dresses you would like to purchase to wear to the clubs, then keep these three spring/summer 2017 fashion trend predictions in mind when buying your new dresses. For more information, click here, or on other similar sites.


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