4 Tips for Getting the Right Sizing When Shopping Online

Posted on: 1 March 2017

Online shopping can be convenient. You can get clothing otherwise unavailable in your area delivered directly to your door. Unfortunately for women, it can be difficult to order the correct size when you order online. This is because in the fashion industry, there are no universal standards for women's sizes.

There can be significant size differences between companies, even when the clothing has the same number or letter size. But there are ways to help ensure that you get the proper size for you when you shop online. Below are some methods you should follow. 

Get Sized By a Professional

It won't do you any good to know the size of your clothing if you do not know your measurements. Any time you gain or lose weight or significantly change your shape you should go to a professional tailor to have your measurements taken.

A tailor should measure your inseam, hips, waist, natural waist, under-bust, bust, and sleeve length. You should not take these measurements yourself, because you will likely not get a straight line with your measuring tape. But if you have a friend comfortable with sizing, they can likely take your measurements accurately.  

Look for the Sizing Chart 

Most online boutiques have sizing charts available. Before you order, you should always check the sizing chart. If you cannot find it on the website, you should email the company you are ordering from and ask them to send you a sizing chart for their current season. 

Find Sizing Reviews 

When looking at online reviews, you should pay close attention to any mentions of sizing. Women will often include whether a brand runs true to size, big, or small within their reviews. If this information is not available in a review, you can often request it in the review section or through an online forum. 

Opt for Stores With Free Exchanges 

If you do not have experience with the brand you are purchasing, opt to buy from women's boutiques that have a liberal exchange policy. Some online clothing stores will not only offer free sizing exchanges, but will also foot the bill for shipping if you need to make an exchange due to sizing issues. Ordering from these boutiques will allow you to feel comfortable if you need to exchange or return an item. 

While online shopping can be convenient, it can also be difficult to get the right size of clothing. Following these tips will help. 


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