5 Tips for Shopping for Clothing Online

Posted on: 24 October 2016

Online shopping is becoming more popular for a variety of items. Shopping for clothing online can allow you to choose pieces that may not be available in your area or are out of your price range at major retailers. However, there are a few tips you should keep in mind when shopping online. 

Search for Unique Pieces 

One of the major benefits of online shopping is that you have access to clothing that is not available in your area. You should take advantage of that by searching for truly unique clothing pieces online. While you may opt to purchase your basics in person or simply order something you already know fits you from a major retailer, you should not skip over the small online boutiques. Besides getting unique designs, you may find lower prices and higher-quality clothing through boutique stores. 

Buy in Multiples 

Many individuals think of clothing as a limited item and assume that they should not have more than one of each item in their closet so that their wardrobe appears more diverse. While it is important to have variety in your wardrobe, you should also take advantage when you find a certain garment that is particularly flattering on you. Online stores can have a faster product turnover than in-person stores, so if you find a particular cut and style that you love, go ahead and order two or three different colors or prints of the same garment.

Make Sure the Sites You Purchase from Have a Liberal Return Policy 

It can be difficult to assess how clothes will look on you without trying them on. You may think something looks great online but not like the way the seams feel or how the color looks against your skin. Because of this, it is important to shop at online stores with a liberal return policy. Some boutique stores will even pay for return shipping if you accept store credit instead of a monetary refund while others will offer an immediate refund to your credit or debit card but may charge a small shipping and restocking fee. Others actually ship you items to try on with the expectation that you will ship some of the items back, and your card is only charged for the items you keep. It is important that you fully understand the shipping and return policy before you purchase garments online. 

Know How Various Fabrics Fit 

If you will be shopping online, it is important to have a basic idea of how various fabrics will fit, lay, and wash. This will help you pick your clothing more easily and return fewer garments. You should shop through stores that list the percentage of material types for each garment and have thorough descriptions of the type of weave used. You can educate yourself about the different types of clothing fabrics by going through your closet and looking at the labels of your favorite pieces or by reading sewing blogs to better understand the construction of clothing. 

Have Your Measurements Taken by Someone Else 

When shopping online, you should always consult each retailer's measurement guide. Sizes such as small, medium, and large are far from universal, so it is important that you use measurements whenever they are available. You should take your measurements a few times throughout a month, as you may find that they fluctuate slightly based on water retention. Additionally, have someone else take your measurements if possible, as they will be able to ensure the measuring tape is laying flat and even. If you do not have an experienced friend available, you can go to a tailor to have your measurements taken for a small fee. 

After you understand these tips, you can start shopping on the sites of companies like Simple Addiction while accompanied by knowledge that will help you be successful. 


The Power of Color

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